Knee Surgery Done!

So, I finally had the Knee surgery yesterday. I feel surprisingly good. I’m walking around (probably more than I should) and soooo looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of working out.  Looked at the MRI for the other knee and I have a HUGE cyst in it. Doc think that if I do … Continue reading

Yesterday Sounded So…Down…

I guess it was because I hadn’t posted in a while. But today…I made it to the gym when the door opened. Yup..5:25 am I had already fed, packed, and was ready to go! I did 20 min of cardio and threw in some planks, ball bridges, and hamstring curls. I will be sore tomorrow … Continue reading

I suck at this…kinda.

I’ve been so bad at writing. Actually, I’ve been really bad at working out as well. Although I have been as bad as other people, I don’t feel like I’m living up to what I should be doing. I make into the gym four times a week for about 30 minutes of cardio, and actually … Continue reading

I <3 Nerd Fitness

I love this blog post – Why People Suck at Getting Healthy #1 – Do or do not. There is no try.  Yes.  What I will do: 5 cardio sessions a week. 2 weight lifting sessions a week (beyond PT) I’ve been slacking on the weight lifting. I cannot be the weakling that I was … Continue reading

Change Ourselves…

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ”  —Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) I feel like I disappeared recently.  My dog died and I’m working through the “Stages of Grief” that you’re supposed to be going through with the death of a loved one.  All I know is … Continue reading

Creating Your Own Workout

So…due to financial circumstances beyond my control – I am no longer going to my fancy schmancy personal trainer.  I am bummed.  For one, I never had to think about working out. I just go and do.  For two, I never had to think about working out, I just go and do. Now, I’m not … Continue reading

Low Carb Diets and People’s Mindsets

I recently jumped into a conversation on a diet board with something that I’m going to call “common science.” It’s kinda like common sense, but unless you’ve actually learned some science behind it you may not think this the first thing. I want to point out a few questions you  may not have asked yourself: … Continue reading