About Fit Girl…

36, Female, in Boston.  Getting into bikini shape….

OK, OK, I guess you want to know more….

I moved to Boston in 2006. Before that, I lived in Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix….well, I could go on.  I’m currently a high school teacher, something that I’ve never done before moving to Boston. I was in good shape in high school great shape for a while in college, but always though I was chubby. Now that I’ve seen chubby, I realize how lucky I was!  My high after knee surgery was 240, something that even shocked me when I saw it!

I’ve kicked my butt in gear. I’m trying to figure out what motivates me, how to make exercise a priority, and how to survive with a gluten-free (no choice) and vegan (by choice) lifestyle.  I’m almost half way through this transformation in my life (210 lbs – with a bikini ready goal of 175) and hope to motivate others as I go!


2 thoughts on “About Fit Girl…

  1. I just wanted to tell you the site is super cute. 🙂 I love the girly theme and the chic in the corner!

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