Posted in February 2012

Valentine’s Day on a Diet.

Well, I’ll be honest. I’m not going well with “diet.”  I do love that a “bad” diet day (these days) is fairly low cal, involves one part of the day that had extra sugar, and only has vegetables for breakfast and dinner.  I remember when I would have called that day a win! First – … Continue reading

Fancy Gyms vs. Real Life

So, I did it. I joined a fancy gym.  It would be a gym that, for the rest of my life, I will compare all other gyms too.  My first day waiting for the doors to open, I got to hang out in the warm fuzzy lobby of the Ritz and have a conversation about … Continue reading

Let’s Use This Wrench…

OK, so the schedule will look like this: Mondays and Thursdays – Upper Body at Trainer Tuesdays and Fridays – Physical Therapy for Knee Wednesday and Saturdays – Some form of Cardio I’ve been OK’d to do elliptical (hurts my foot) and bike (hurts the knee, and I just don’t get into it). I’m checking … Continue reading