Low Carb Diets and People’s Mindsets

I recently jumped into a conversation on a diet board with something that I’m going to call “common science.” It’s kinda like common sense, but unless you’ve actually learned some science behind it you may not think this the first thing. I want to point out a few questions you  may not have asked yourself:

*IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU CAN (OR WERE TOLD TO) DO FOR “ONLY A LITTLE WHILE” HOW CAN IT BE HEALTHY? How many of you plan to only exercise only to lose the weight and then stop? No one. Because you know that exercising is the way to be healthy. Same thing with these diets. If it’s something that your body can’t sustain itself on in the long term – WHY would you do that to your body? #1 – You’re taxing your body more than you need to. If you have any other issues, this is going to make things worse. #2 – What will happen when you stop that diet (example – very few people on the weight loss registry lost it and kept it off with low/no carb)?

*IS THIS INFORMATION COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS SCIENCE AND YOUR BODY? You only need a HS Diploma to become a trainer. That body builder trainer may never had to lose a bunch of weight. I had personal training certification, dietician training, AND I used to do bodybuilding. I would never tell someone to do a low-carb diet unless they got their blood tests done and OK’d by the doctor – as well as having a doctor who specializes in weight loss test them regularly for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You never know what kind of issues someone has going on in their body, and low carb adds to those issues. One simple search of “Why is low-carb bad for you” yields lots of great issues you need to be concerned about (http://www.livestrong.com/article/256276-why-is-the-low-carb-diet-bad-for-you/).

*ARE YOU CONFUSING “LOSING WEIGHT” WITH “BEING HEALTHY”? It is as easy as colories in vs. calories out. However – everyone’s body does things differently. Some people burn 100 calories on a machine for 20 minutes, while someone else may burn 200 calories. The HEALTHIER your body is the BETTER or more efficiently YOU will burn calories. There are cheats to burning extra calories (low-carb being one of them), but they come at the cost of your health. Your body just doesn’t burn fat when it goes into ketosis, it also burns muscle – which will (in the end) make it harder for you to keep the weight off. Leaving natural sources of vitamins and minerals out of our system also causes things to not work as well. REplacing natural sources with pills results in your body not absorbing them at the rates they should.  Having a healthy body (just like having a well taken care of car) – works more efficiently. In the end – isn’t that what you want?


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