I <3 Nerd Fitness

I love this blog post – Why People Suck at Getting Healthy

#1 – Do or do not. There is no try.  Yes.  What I will do:

  • 5 cardio sessions a week.
  • 2 weight lifting sessions a week (beyond PT)

I’ve been slacking on the weight lifting. I cannot be the weakling that I was before! No!  I WILL DO THIS.

#2 – Create Rules – I’ve already got this down. I have my steady breakfasts that are healthy, I have my gym routine in the AMs down.  I’m working on this part and doing well. I don’t give in cause I do one thing thing bad…I truck on.

I’ve got rules. No dairy. No meat (except my sushi). No eggs.  Veggies. Fruit. I need to follow those rules.

#3 – Get rid of the foods that are holding you back.  That’s easy. There are very few left at my house…and I’m taking them out of my space today.

#4 – Make it impossible to skip a workout.

  • I bought a new alarm. I know that sounds silly, but I found my light alarm, which I love. So this week – I bought a better one.  And by better one I mean one that makes it like daylight in my room. It. Is. Bright.  I will not be sleeping through this one.  I bought this light – which luckily was on a severe sale last week!  It does not mess around.  I will be at my cardio every morning
  • Then there is GymPact.  Sure, living in the city, there are ways to cheat it. But, I will not.  Doesn’t that go against the whole point?  so far I’ve earned $35! I’m on my way to a new pair of shoes!
  • Road Trip Plan? Planet Fitness!  Guess what?!? They are in almost every city that I will be in on my summer long road trip.  Sure, it’s not as fancy as my happy place gym, but it will make it impossible to skip a workout!

And that’s it. Nerd fitness pushes you to plan and to do better. I love this site!


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