Posted in December 2011

Movie Review – Killer At Large

This movie is Crazy.  Seriously. Crazy.  The aim of this movie seems more about childhood obesity.  One of the most amazing things they talk about is how obesity kills more than terrorists and everything else…but no one wants to be serious about it. It starts out with a 12 year old who get liposuction…and of … Continue reading

Movie Review – Food Matters

I’m trying to figure this movie out.  In watching these “Health” movies over my break, I’m finding that the most sensationalized they make it (which they need to so they get the general public to watch it!) – the more misleading the movie is. 1 Hour and 11 minutes into this 1 Hour and 17 … Continue reading

Salmon is Meat?

So, I talked to the “So I just need to eat veggies and exercise?” person again. We were perusing magazines, an there was an awesome looking Salmon recipe. She asks “Can you have Salmon on your diet?” There were a few things that ran through my head. The first thing *had* to be that it’s … Continue reading

Movie Review – Processed People

Short (40 Minute) Simple (Processed Food Bad) Basic (Eat Real Food) It’s no frills, as its 40 minute time suggests. It throws facts, and a bit of scare tactics. I may show it to my students. It contains the same ideas as Forks Over Knives without the interesting parts (where the studies came from, the … Continue reading

Movie Review – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Now to put this review into perspective – I used to be a certified personal trainer and was (for a while) studying nutrition in college. I did body building, and was in amazing shape.  I’m now out of shape, 36 years old, and fat.  “Average American” size fat, not the 400 pound variety.  I’m working … Continue reading

And the Holidays are Over!

Finally!  There were a few things that went wrong this past few weeks: It’s cold. It’s hard to run when it’s that cold I’m busy. This holiday schedule has been NUTS.  Making healthy food has been hard I was sick. I had a nasty cold to sinus infection I drank too much.  Hello?!?  It’s the … Continue reading

What Did You Do To Lose The Weight?

That is what someone asked me this morning. An acquaintance.  Someone who is on a New Year’s Kick. Well, I’m eating fruits and veggies. Lots of veggies. And I exercise. A lot. (OK, not this month, but go with it). And she says “So I just need to eat veggies and exercise? I can do that.” … Continue reading