I suck at this…kinda.

I’ve been so bad at writing. Actually, I’ve been really bad at working out as well. Although I have been as bad as other people, I don’t feel like I’m living up to what I should be doing. I make into the gym four times a week for about 30 minutes of cardio, and actually go and attempt to run once or twice a week after school, but I’m not doing any weightlifting and I don’t feel very strong. This needs to change.

I’m in pain. Both of my knees hurt, my left one hurting so bad I should probably see a doctor. I’m moving in a few days to a 5th floor walk up, so I’m actually terrified of what that’s going to do my legs. But, I believe it’s going to do great things to my butt. That being said, I need to make an appointment with the knee doctor and see if I need to worry about the pain in the knees.

Today was a snow day, so I made a point to walk to the gym and actually do a TRX workout. While I only did two sets of six exercises, I am already feeling like I’m going to be in pain tomorrow. This is an awesome thing! Currently, my goal is to at least one TRX exercise to every cardio workout in the mornings. Need to add slowly so that I don’t add extra pain to my knees. Where should I go from there?


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