Posted in March 2012

Creating Your Own Workout

So…due to financial circumstances beyond my control – I am no longer going to my fancy schmancy personal trainer.  I am bummed.  For one, I never had to think about working out. I just go and do.  For two, I never had to think about working out, I just go and do. Now, I’m not … Continue reading

Low Carb Diets and People’s Mindsets

I recently jumped into a conversation on a diet board with something that I’m going to call “common science.” It’s kinda like common sense, but unless you’ve actually learned some science behind it you may not think this the first thing. I want to point out a few questions you  may not have asked yourself: … Continue reading

Would You Eat Something An Ant Wouldn’t Touch?

OK, We know I’m not a fan fake food (crap mixed together to taste like something else that exists)…but as a corollary – I’m not a fan of animal byproducts either. Either way – would you want to eat something the ants won’t even touch? (Original post link: Upper right is margarine, lower left is low fat margarine, and … Continue reading

Working Through An Illness

What is the rule?  If it’s above your neck, you can work out, if it’s below your neck, rest?  Well, what if it IS your neck? Or specifically, your throat? It’s beyond just feeling icky, and it physically HURTS to do things. Talking, eating, drinking, breathing hard.  Yuck. I went to the doc today, and … Continue reading

Know What DOESN’T Motivate You

I know that people talk about knowing your motivation….but you also need to know what goes against your motivation.  For example, I am very organized. I like to keep things nice and neat. And then I went into the Army. Guess what? I don’t like the way YOU REQUIRE me to keep things neat.  While … Continue reading

I Know How…

…I just need the motivation. This is the story of my life. That is what this blog is for…to show that this can be done. It’s a journey of finding one’s motivation. Currently, for me, it’s money.  No, not making money (though that would be nice) – but spending it. If I spend money on … Continue reading

“Starting Over After Vacay.”

Isn’t that what I said before I left?  Wait – maybe I said that I didn’t want to get in that mindset?  Grrr. This is hard.  Losing weight is hard. Sticking to things (even when I know it’s best for me) is hard.  Things are hard. But there is no better time than the present! … Continue reading