– Bet Others You’ll Lose Weight

Often my world revolves around my finances, so I love it when I find a website that uses that to motivate me.  Today’s example is Diet Bet – (which redirects you to

This website lets you join a diet bet (drop 4% weight in one month or 10% in six months) and win money for losing the weight you want to lose anyway.  How it works – you pay money into a fund (with other betters), and at the end of each month, you do a weigh in. If you’ve lost your percentage of weight, then you win! If you didn’t, your month’s fee is donated to the group (of the winners). The one month bet (Dietbet4) is pretty straight forward, but the six month one (Dietbet10) is a little weird. They take half the money people pay, and split it between months 1-5.  You do monthly weigh ins where you have to make progress (3% down by the first month, 6% by the second, 8% by the third, 9% by the fourth, and 10% by the fifth), and then the rest of the money gets distributed by the end.

Overall, the idea is awesome.  The social aspect of the site isn’t too great through.  You can add these “quick updates” where you “went for a run” or “ate something healthy” and the newsfeed gets quite clogged up with them.  Luckily, you can search Facebook and join the group for your dietbet and correspond with people on there.  Either way, you find other likeminded folk to talk to. Try it out!


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