Unseasonably Warm Temps Lead to “Mental Exercise”…

I know that if you’re on the left coast it has been unseasonably cold and snowy. But, if you’re in Boston, you set a record high yesterday (and planned for tomorrow) and it is FREAK beautiful outside.  Seriously beautiful.  This would make most people want to work out more – go do something outside, etc, etc.  Not me. It made me call in “sick” to the trainer and go to a bar to sit in the sunshine with my friends.  Let’s call it “mental exercise.”

It’s like exercise for your mental health!  I miss my friends, and I’ve been so overloaded with dog stuff that I feel like I just have my head down – Gym. Work. Dog. Gym. Work. Dog.  Sitting and having a drink with my friends was just so…freeing.  I can’t believe how much it helped me to feel better, more refreshed, calm, and even sleep better!

You should try it!


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