Stress Eating At Its Finest.

So, if you know me, you know that I do not have kids. That’s why I have money to go to a fancy gym and have a personal trainer a few times a week.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not have a lot of money (I am a public school teacher), but I choose to spend any form of extra money I have – no matter how little) on things that will make me work out and get healthier.  So, I’m broke, but I do pay for a trainer a few times a week.  With that idea behind us…back to the story.

I don’t have kids. I do, however, have a dog.

His name is Taxi.  He is awesome. Seriously – beyond awesome.  Everyone that meets him thinks he’s awesome.  Everyone that dog sits him wants to keep him. He’s the perfect blend of laid back and happy hyper. He obeys commands, loves people, and doesn’t ever get mad or mean.  He is my baby.

So.  He’s sick.  I took him in for a teeth cleaning, and they found some issues. We’re waiting to see how bad it is, he’s on meds and had surgery.   Stayed up all night with him.  Yesterday, after I found out he was sick….I didn’t eat all day. I couldn’t. When I finally did – did I reach for something healthy?  No. I ate a snickers bar.  I tried to redeem it with a fruit smoothie after work.  I went to a meeting and they had cheese and pepperoni. I don’t even eat meat or dairy!  Yet I did.  And I drank half a soda!  I hardly even remember doing these things.

So – this is where we are.  No sleep, no gym, crappy food. What do we do now?  Pick ourself up.  Dust ourself off. Take care of the baby. Eat something healthy. Remind ourself that this is our life, not a diet. We will be fine.


How do you guys deal with stress eating?

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