Know What DOESN’T Motivate You

I know that people talk about knowing your motivation….but you also need to know what goes against your motivation.  For example, I am very organized. I like to keep things nice and neat. And then I went into the Army. Guess what? I don’t like the way YOU REQUIRE me to keep things neat.  While all that structure did make other become neater, I actually left the Army being less neat. Weird, eh?  If I am initiating it, I love it. But, if you are requiring me to do it, I hate it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Today I paid a butt-load of money to get an “executive” membership at my gym. I already pay a butt-load of money for this particular gym (see this post or this post) – but the executive membership is about $100 a month more!  YIKES!  Most people don’t even pay $100 a month for a gym.  But, now I have parking and a locker.  I didn’t need the locker, or the laundry service, but I do need the parking.  Parking, normally, would be $5 a pop.  Times 5 times a week (current goal).  But, if I have to rummage and find $5 to park that day, or, I forgot my wallet that day, or, whatever other dumb excuse I can come with – I simply won’t go. We cannot have that.  so – if parking is about $100 a month, I might as well have the fancy stuff.

So – lesson of the day. If you know what doesn’t motivate you (having an excuse in parking) – eliminate it. It may be the best thing you ever did.

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