“Starting Over After Vacay.”

Isn’t that what I said before I left?  Wait – maybe I said that I didn’t want to get in that mindset?  Grrr. This is hard.  Losing weight is hard. Sticking to things (even when I know it’s best for me) is hard.  Things are hard.

But there is no better time than the present!  I over ate (OK, over drank) during vacation. Gained about 3 pounds.  I came back sick.  Spent 3 of the past 5 days back in bed! Yikes!  So, now I’m starting to feel better. I’m resting this weekend, and kicking myself into gear.

Lunches – I need some ideas. My biggest issue is that if I take 2-3 things (pieces that make a meal), I don’t have time or the umph to eat it. I’m learning what works for me, and trying to work with it.  I have times that warm is what I want (the vegan chili and apple squash soup hit the spot) – but regularly, it is not.

  • I found this 5 Make-Ahead Vegan & Gluten-Free Lunches post.  I did like the idea of the brown rice and garbanzo bean salad.  I also like 3 bean salads (not on there), as well as veggies and hummus.  I’m going to buy stuff tomorrow – and I will buy pre-chopped. It goes against what I want to get, but the reality is I don’t have time, and I will be better off with good food and quicker times.
  • I also found this Southwest Bean Salad.  I’m seeing a trend for easy lunch – beans and veggies.  I’d like to do lettuce – but it seems I have to be in a mood for that.

Working Out – I need cardio. I’m not losing weight because my cardio is lacking. I also don’t have time (the first week of the month is notoriously bad for me!).  Two days at the trainer, two days at PT. Dog to the vet (he’s sick), one night of yoga, one night of spanish class – two big meetings and an extra after-school class I’m teaching.  Hmm….sounds like a crazy week.  How will I do this?  Wake up at 4:30. It’s do-able. I have been waking up at 5, being kinda lazy around the house, going for coffee, and then going to school.  Well, now I get up at 4:30, eat breakfast, get to the gym at 5:30.  Elliptical until the knee says no (they may be 5 minutes, it may be 20?), and then into the pool for half an hour!  I can do this!

The gym – I need to get there at 5:30 in the morning. Where will I park? Do I go all out and get an executive membership?  *sigh*  $30 more a week and it includes parking. And a locker so I don’t have to bring stuff home. Is that it?  At $5 a pop for parking X 5 mornings a week….it would be just a couple bucks more to keep my swim stuff and have someone else do my gym laundry. I will look into the parking situation tomorrow morning.


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