I Know How…

…I just need the motivation.

This is the story of my life. That is what this blog is for…to show that this can be done. It’s a journey of finding one’s motivation.

Currently, for me, it’s money.  No, not making money (though that would be nice) – but spending it. If I spend money on something, I do it.  I’m going to a personal trainer and getting my butt kicked (she is expensive!). I’m actually going to the gym and going swimming (expensive gym).  I’m learning spanish (only cause I paid for classes!).  This is my motivation.  Everyone has one.

Sometimes, goal setting works as a motivation. I have found that goal setting doesn’t work for weight loss motivation (weird, eh?) – but it does for other things.  So I did it. I bought the books to become a personal trainer.  I was ACE certified in college – but never did anything with it.  I know how to workout. I’m the princess of form. I just need motivation.  So this is my new motivation. I will become a personal trainer.

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