Valentine’s Day on a Diet.

Well, I’ll be honest. I’m not going well with “diet.”  I do love that a “bad” diet day (these days) is fairly low cal, involves one part of the day that had extra sugar, and only has vegetables for breakfast and dinner.  I remember when I would have called that day a win!

First – I didn’t have a date. Not that I’m upset about that…I did get asked out…but I don’t want to start anything before I run away to México for a week.  Nor do I want to start anything when I am *this* busy! I would end up blowing things I’m supposed to do (take care of body and get personal trainer certification) in order to spend time with some boy.

Second – It became “errand day.”  I don’t mean this as a bad thing….dentist – perfect appointment time was available.  Waxer – also perfect appointment time was available.  I took myself out for a quick healthy dinner (and a sangria) first. I was, all in all, a good afternoon.  Only would have been better if I got a workout in!

Lastly – the week before vacation.  I’m falling back into those old habits of “it’s OK if I have this little thing – I’m “starting over” when I get back from vacay.”  I don’t like that feeling.  I don’t like that idea.  Luckily – it is a short term problem. In three days I’m on a beach, and then I will be starting over.   But, how do other people handle that?  I don’t want my life to be continually “starting over.”  I just want it to be healthy!

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