Let’s Use This Wrench…

OK, so the schedule will look like this:

  • Mondays and Thursdays – Upper Body at Trainer
  • Tuesdays and Fridays – Physical Therapy for Knee
  • Wednesday and Saturdays – Some form of Cardio

I’ve been OK’d to do elliptical (hurts my foot) and bike (hurts the knee, and I just don’t get into it). I’m checking out an über hot gym that has a wicked nice pool. Since I’m cutting my personal training down, I will be able to afford it. I realize that I have a luxury that many don’t – in that I have a small amount of money to spend on these kinds of thing.  I don’t really have the money (I feel like I’m broke all the time) – but what I choose to spend my money are things relating to making me healthy.

Food is really where I am faltering this week. I need to get back to logging (I use PeerTrainer.com) and being accountable.  And I should probably put away these groceries from Wednesday. Seriously? It’s Saturday.

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