Best Laid Plan Will ALWAYS Include a Wrench.

About a week and a half ago I signed up for a stair climb at the end of April. Shortly after, I ended up on crutches for “overdoing it” on my knee.

The day before yesterday I got to sign up for the BAA 5K (the same people who bring you the Boston Marathon).  Yesterday I found out that my knee is more complicated than thought, and I get two months of rehab with probably surgery after it.  Again.

This.  This is a wrench.

My happy idea to go to the trainer 3 days a week and run 3 days a week is no longer a viable option.  These gyms around here with a pool are regularly…..gross.  And have limited hours.  What do I do?!?   I have some ideas and such – but no time to post them here.  The biggest decision I made, though, was to drop a certification program that I was doing. I came to realize that I can’t focus on that and my body….and my body is my focus. Just like those biggest loser people who need to spend time focusing on THEM – that is what I need to do if I’m going to be happy and healthy. Me.

Decided this last night, and for the first time in weeks – woke up wanting to get out of bed today.  What a feeling.

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