“Don’t Kill Myself” in Relation to Running…

Funny that I wrote that in my last post.  When I wrote that, I was already in a little bit of pain…but as my week went on – Tuesday the knee hurt worse…so I only did upper body (but still used some lower body) in my trainer workout.  Wednesday…I was in a fair amount of pain – so I put off my run…AND the walk (seriously – it was hurting).  Thursday…my knee was so swollen – it looked like a balloon!  Yikes!

So, after a call to the knee doc and a trip to the ER – it “looks like” overuse. I’m on crutches and told to say off of it until my knee doc appt on Thursday.  Heat the area three times a day and ice it before bed.  I did make it to the trainer on Thursday – we did all seated upper body stuff. Not even moving the hip flexors.  I cancelled Saturday and Tuesday.  Ugh.  Cause I’m not in hoverland as it is.

And food this week – I hate to use a friend in town as an excuse, but I ate like crap this week!  That being said – my new version of “eat like crap” is so much better than the old version!  Before I would have gone to the Melting Pot, overdid it on cheese, ate a ton of crap with dinner, and then still had the chocolate. This time we did dinner first (yum!), had a little of the cheese when it was there, and then didn’t even touch the chocolate!  It wasn’t very unprocessed vegan of me…but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I used to do!

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