Plateaus and Frustrations

So, I guess I’m at what one would call a “plateau.”  I know where these plateaus come from – because I know that I’m not eating perfectly…so I’m (obviously) not going to lose weight. I guess where the frustration lies is that I’m eating pretty damn good. And I’m certainly exercising. And then this past week, I exercised maybe a little too much….but still…why can’t I just lose a few more pounds before vacation?

I’m frustrated. What I should do is eat perfect, and keep up with my workouts. What am I doing instead? Eating crap? Today I went with a friend to Melting Pot. What made it strange, is we then made plans to go there again. WHAT?  What am I thinking? I can’t go there on a weekly basis before my Monday classes?  And eat that crap? I ate that crap regularly when I weighed 35 lbs more than I do now.

So – sticking too the basics (except for Wednesday, when I am going for dinner at the melting pot with a friend).

Breakfast – Veggie Tacos with Hummus
Snack – Fruit and Nut Bar
Lunch – Vegan Chili with greens
Snack – Fruit Smoothie
Dinner – Sushi Roll

It’s about 1600 calories, about 20% Fat, 20% Protein, and 60% Carbs.  And of course there are 5 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit (at least!)  When I was eating this type of food each day and running I was losing weight – so I’ve finally added running back in (don’t kill myself!), and this should work!

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