So – there is this program on the iPhone called GymPact (…I think it’s an awesome idea. You put some stakes in – say you’re going to workout 5 times a week for $10 each…and if you don’t do your workouts (check in at the gym) – you have to pay that $10 for each one that you missed.

But – if you make it to each one – they pay you!!  Now, they don’t pay you that $10 each workout (wouldn’t that be nice?) – but the more workouts you put up, the bigger part of the pot you get. The pot comes from all those people who didn’t make it to the gym and had to pay!  Crazy, no?

So – my first week I did it 3 times at $5 a workout (I wanted to be sure that I remember to even log in!) and I ended up getting paid $0?  Perhaps they haven’t gotten all the credit cards charged yet. The site says it does it Sunday night, but today is a holiday.  I will update it when it shows something. The site says that the average user makes $0.50 to $1.00 a day worked out.  I want my $1.50!!  The weird thing is that it doesn’t matter how much you put up – you only get paid per day you put in the pact and actually exercise.  I understand the reason, as someone could put up $100 a shot and steal most of the money from people who only put up $5…and then cheat the money from it.  But, on the other hand…I feel like if I double my stakes I should earn double my money.  Damn.  I guess I understand the idea of the thief, but I don’t see why you would do that and ruin the program for others.

This week?  4 times at $10 a workout!  Let’s make this pact!!

***EDIT*** I made $1.29 for three workouts last week. It took them until Tuesday night (with Monday being a holiday) to post it.

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