Down 34 Pounds.

That may sound awesome. 34 pounds down!  But, the reality is that in November, two months ago, when I started this blog, I was already down 30 pounds!  That’s only 4 more pounds. That’s why “Down 34 Pounds.” had a period and not an exclaimation point.  Over 20 trainer workouts (That’s over $1000 spent!) and only 4 pounds?  Yuck!!  that’s $250 a pound!  It’s not very much.

So – here I am. I’m done being sick. This week I’m at the trainer 4 times (wow!), running at least 2 times, and yoga at least once.  I upped my gympact to 4 workouts this week @ $10 a piece (I’ll put a post about gympact in a bit).  That should push me a little.  I made a schedule and put it up on the wall!  Push Push Push!

I need a push. Desperately.  I feel let down with my past week – being sick. There were times I could have at least gotten stuff done around the house, but I didn’t. I slept. and lazed around. I’m sure that my body needed it, but I could have at least done my bills and stuff!

Today – I meet with my trainer, I meet with the Wellness Coach for the first time, and then meeting with a friend to get a grant proposal done (a month on a beach learning spanish and doing yoga? Yes Please!).  I have a BIG chunk of work to get done first…and I am going to get it done!!

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