Movie Review – A Delicate Balance

One of the last movies of vacation.  This movie, while interesting, was very plain. A lot of information, given by a calm, european narrator…with a “we are killing ourselves and the world” theme.   I know, seems a little much.  Had it been the first one of these movies I saw, I probably would have enjoyed it as background noise.

But it wasn’t.

It was the umpteenth one I saw.  It scared me.  I’ve been eating vegan for a while.  A few occasional slips for a treat. And my one daily piece of fish. I know, that’s not very vegan – but the point is I have no dairy, eggs, poultry or other meat.  Pescatarian doesn’t really match – since they are vegetarians who eat fish…but they usually have dairy and such as well.  Anyway – this movie even scared me away from my sushi.  NO!  Not my sushi!  I’m freaking out a little, and I just want to enjoy some sushi!!!

Anyway. The movie scared me a bit. It was like the culmination of everything I’ve been watching.  OK, OK, OK, I’m going to eat Vegan.  Bastards.

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