Movie Review – Killer At Large

This movie is Crazy.  Seriously. Crazy.  The aim of this movie seems more about childhood obesity.  One of the most amazing things they talk about is how obesity kills more than terrorists and everything else…but no one wants to be serious about it.

It starts out with a 12 year old who get liposuction…and of course gains all the weight back.  “What’s the choice” they say?  Seriously?  If you’re willing to spend all this money – hire her a fucking trainer. Or someone to babysit her and not let her eat all the shit.  Honestly?  I don’t understand if someone can afford to have a “Jiminy Crickett” and then complain about their weight.  Hire someone who is your motivation if you don’t have your own.

Does that seem harsh?

Anyway – I’d love to show this to my students…but they (of course) show the worst case scenarios….the ones that I feel even my students will look at and say “well, that’s not reality.”  But, sometimes it’s what needs to be seen.  I wonder how to get to some of my students about this. I’m thinking of ways to start an exercise club or something like that.

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