Salmon is Meat?

So, I talked to the “So I just need to eat veggies and exercise?” person again. We were perusing magazines, an there was an awesome looking Salmon recipe. She asks “Can you have Salmon on your diet?”

There were a few things that ran through my head. The first thing *had* to be that it’s not a “diet.” it’s healthy eating. I remember reading people in magazines saying that. It won’t work until you are internalizing it. I always wanted to think “this is just how I eat,” but I never did until now. It’s hard to explain, but it just happened. It’s not a diet, it’s just an internal choice. The idea of baking up some bagel bites or finding a healthy replacement for a cupcake just doesn’t even come into play. Wondering how often I can shove a fig stuffed with goat cheese into my body sometimes does…but very infrequently.

The next thing was me saying “I don’t eat meat.” “But can you have salmon?” she asked. Uh…”Salmon is meat.”

“Salmon is meat?”

This is why we, as a country, are overweight.

2 thoughts on “Salmon is Meat?

  1. LOL. How true.

    Though our country is hardly overweight because we eat too much salmon. We’d be a healthier country by far (though a bunch of murderers) if everyone ate salmon.

    But your general point is well-taken. I LOVE your “Frustrating Stupidity” tag! That’s given me a new automatic response to my own self-sabotaging thoughts–“Don’t be a frakking idiot, Karl.”

  2. My point wasn’t that people are overweight cause of salmon – but because they are so uneducated about food. We talked that I have been vegan – no dairy, no eggs, no meat – and those I only really have fruit, veggies, and beans. But she didn’t understand that also meant no salmon?

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