Movie Review – Food Matters

I’m trying to figure this movie out.  In watching these “Health” movies over my break, I’m finding that the most sensationalized they make it (which they need to so they get the general public to watch it!) – the more misleading the movie is.

1 Hour and 11 minutes into this 1 Hour and 17 minute long video  they get to the point.  Eat a balanced diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.  And they talk about how great you will feel – and you are the best doctor/nutritionist out there. When you know how your body feels on this great food…you will want to feel like that.  AT THE END!  Ugh.

Here is what they lead up to it with:

  • A bunch of this mineral cures cancer!
  • Cooking food kills the minerals!
  • The medical industry is a money maker not a health maker!
  • Drugs get approved even when they kill people!
  • People are told not to take too much of vitamins and minerals, even though no one ever dies from them (less than one a year!)!
  • All these people were cured form cancer because of diet!

Then….you want to be healthy – eat well and exercise.  You’ll notice how well you feel. And take a vitamin.

One thought on “Movie Review – Food Matters

  1. I love how they stress the claim that drugs are government-approved even when they kill people, which is certainly true (but also why drug ads carry so many government-mandated warnings); and then they turn around and say there is “only” about one death per year from taking too many vitamins…

    And yes, funny how they take so long to get to their main points, which aren’t points that are new in any way — those Popeye cartoons promoting the benefits of eating spinach are from the early 1930s!

    Fun blog, fitgirl! This is VitaminD from your PeerTrainer team! Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I took the tag of VitaminD because I was raised in San Diego, so I love getting as much natural Vitamin D as I can get … but unfortunately, it’s main source, the sun, causes skin cancer. What a horrible imbalance our natural world has created, huh?

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