Movie Review – Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Now to put this review into perspective – I used to be a certified personal trainer and was (for a while) studying nutrition in college. I did body building, and was in amazing shape.  I’m now out of shape, 36 years old, and fat.  “Average American” size fat, not the 400 pound variety.  I’m working on getting back into shape now. I eat vegetables. A lot of them.  I know a fair amount about nutrition. I watch lots of shows, I take each one with a grain of salt.  For every bit of good info, there is a bit of sensationalism.

That being said, I want to smack people who do juicing.  I really do.  Using the term “cleanse” should result in a nice juicy full palm smack to the face.  “Reset” your body. Seriously?  And to use the term “Macronutrients” or whatever…c’mon. Name one for me.  Just one. And don’t randomly name a letter. Then tell me which vegetable actually has that nutrient.


OK.  I have a friend who watched this movie and felt the need to buy a juicer and “change her life.”  But now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m not sure where she got her ideas about juicing.  She’s adding juice to her diet and saying that she’s added macronutrient, and defending her position with the fact that she hadn’t eaten any fruits or vegetable before – so this has to be better. Ugh. Shoot me now.

The basic premise of the movie is this (not educated in nutrition) guy goes on a juice fast for 60 days. He loses weight, he feels better, he cures a histamine disease he has with juice. He met another person on his travels who has the same disease, and he gets that person to do the same. That guy does – and feels amazing.  People leave the theatre thinking “Juice is amazing. I’m buying a juicer.”

Here’s what I saw with this movie:

  • This guy used this as a kick start for what looks to be a whole food vegan lifestyle
  • He exercised. Sure, it wasn’t pointed out, but he did, was at the end, and started the trucker guy with exercising.
  • His reasoning for juicing instead of eating vegetables was to get as many veggies into his body as possible. That was the ONLY reason he gave. The only one.
  • 90% of his juice intake was green veggies and things like that. Not grapes. Or oranges.  Sure, he threw some fruits in for sweetness (or to help with a “breakfast feeling” for the AM juicing).  Kale. Celery. VEGGIES.
  • He had a doctor monitoring him. A famous and expensive one. And if you listen to what the doc says, even HE doesn’t say juicing is good. He pushes veggies veggies veggies.

Sure, the movie is entertaining. As well it should be. The guy is not a doctor, he’s a filmmaker.  Here’s what you gather from his website:

  • THE GUY FUCKING SELLS JUICERS.  Expensive ones.  Seriously expensive ones.
  • He touts “ROBOOT”ing once a quarter (doing a 5 day juice, 5 day smoothie, 5 day juice fast) – because he KNOWS that people aren’t going to stick with the healthy eating portion of the lifestyle.
  • There is little to no information on what do AFTER you do the juice fast.  How does one eat healthy?  How does one create a lifestyle from this?

Grr…this SCREAMS Fad Diet.  How do people watch it and not see that?

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