And the Holidays are Over!

Finally!  There were a few things that went wrong this past few weeks:

  • It’s cold. It’s hard to run when it’s that cold
  • I’m busy. This holiday schedule has been NUTS.  Making healthy food has been hard
  • I was sick. I had a nasty cold to sinus infection
  • I drank too much.  Hello?!?  It’s the holidays. The holidays are for your bartender.

The things that went well over the past few weeks:

  • I continued at the trainer. I’m feeling stronger, and it’s made me do *something*
  • I’m still gluten and dairy free.  Energy-wise this has helped me immensely. I had some dairy at the holiday party, but that’s it.
  • I didn’t gain any weight. I’m still hovering around the same weight. The bright side is that instead of that number being the lowest one of the week, it is the high one during the week.

What does this mean now?

  • Jump on!  This train is taking off!  A week of vacation and time on my hands – I’m planning, cooking, prepping food.
  • Back to the cardio!  This week I’m hitting the gym and doing some cardio on the ellipticals. Next week (school starts) I’m going to hit the track upstairs from the cafe 3 times a week after school (MWF) AND try to do a lazy cardio at the gym.
  • Food.  I’m needing to find some lunches that would be easy to pre-make.  Mostly veggies.

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