And Away We Go….

So, I started this site way back – posted on it a bit, and then got injured. And sick. And injured again. What a mess!  But, I’m working my way back from it, and have been losing weight in the process.  At one point this summer (after a month long road trip around the US), I was 30 lbs heavier than I am now. At this point, I could stand to be 40 pounds lighter than I am.

Now I am running a few times a week, signed up for a 5K, starting back up with my personal trainer, and in general getting ready to become the person I have always meant to be.

My work is having a “biggest loser” type challenge.  I’m interested to see who is doing it, what will happen, and how healthy I will be because of it. I’m concerned because I’ve already heard a bunch of unhealthy things from it.  Either way – I’m going to kick my own ass with a goal of winning it!

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